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22 September, 2018



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Guns N' Boxes a singleplayer and multiplayer fast paced top down shooter about silly guns and random chances. In singleplayer you break free from the arenas you were forced to fight in, and must make your way through everchanging levels to defeat the mastermind behind the deadly game show.


After GDC Europe 2015, we got together with the idea to make a game we could all play at the studio during lunch time. Based on some of our favorite multiplayer games, and with our background on action games, Guns N' Boxes was born as a small 4 player shooter. Eventually it grew with the addition of online gameplay and a singleplayer roguelike campaign mode. Guns N' Boxes launched on Steam Early Access on September 22nd, 2016 and has received over 20 mayor updates during more than 2 years. Guns N' Boxes is planned for full release in 2019.


  • Pick-up-and-play! Guns N' Boxes is surprisingly easy to pick up and play with your friends. Learning the basics takes a minute, but becoming an expert takes lots of effort. Foes of all skill levels will feel welcome in Guns N' Boxes.
  • Multiplayer Frenzy! Brought friends? No problem! Up to 4 player local and online competitive modes. Fight for survival and prove your skills against the internet. Outshoot your foes, run for cover and become the best in this non-stop, wacky multiplayer gauntlet of bullets!
  • A Classic Charm Pixel Art-style aesthetic and animations made with more love than your grandmother's cookies. Modern visuals with a classic feel that will take you back to the 16-bit era as if time hadn’t gone by. Guns N’ Boxes is some sort of a... "neoclassic" with unrelenting action to sate your thirst for adrenaline in pixels.
  • Pistols, Rifles, Foodstuffs and more! Arm yoursef with the myriad weapons that are hidden within the boxes! Quick-firing pistols, foe-smiting railguns, exploding hot dogs and many other kinds of armaments can be used to wreak havoc around you. Master and fire laser beams, grenades and shotguns as you adapt to your situation. Oh wait... such a pity they all drop randomly!


Singleplayer Trailer YouTube

Early Access Announcement Trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "First Place Winner - Uruguayan National Videogame Contest" Montevideo, Uruguay. December, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "I look forward to playing more Guns N' Boxes."
    - Rami Ismail, GameReactor

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